College to Us vs. College to Parents




Each and every year, some lucky high school seniors become college freshmen. You, your parents and friends have done every thing to get into a college that you feel you’ll actually have  the dignity to say you attend. There’s tons of paper work to turn in and scholarships to apply for. Then there’s homecoming, spirit week, midterms, senior field trip, senior picnic, final exams, prom, prom after-party, and finally….the day in which you hope you actually did well enough to at least receive one cord and a high school diploma  graduation.

Now, there are different views on how college would be like. There’s so many majors and minors, clubs and sports, and people. Among those people is your roommate (if you choose the dorms), who you may or may not know. You could choose to room with a friend you already know, or pray. Pray that your new roommate, who you’ve never met, isn’t the kind who leaves uneaten chiz everywhere (yes, including the walls), or does you know what with He knows who every time they come from a club, or is a criminal in disguise, or straight up ignores your existence, or smokes so much that even your eyes and mouth tastes the smoke in Professor John Doe’s class, or has these crazy obsessions you can’t explain, or is a drug dealer. (I will, however, accept a spy in disguise). Sometimes it can be scary, but maybe it’s the tension of not yet knowing who it will be that gives you a rush.

Parents, on the other hand, will expect a roommate who is there to study with you, who’s only there to do work and no play and someone who you’ll be friends with forever. A lot of times, these things do happen (from stories I’ve been told) and it’s exciting. What parents don’t realize, (I’m getting this from stories and movies and instagram and facebook) stepping onto campus on drop off day is different from what’s going to happen a couple of weeks in.

Mom: “Oh, sweetheart, you’re joining a sorority/fraternity? Oh how nice”

(What we know they think of)

BidDayChant     602155_431836630226113_1201744993_n (1)


(what I’m assuming it really is)

wisconsin17 frat-house-party-front-lawn timthumb snaps realness

(and friendship of course)


Parents: “Have fun with you’re classes”

(what they imagine: striving young pupils all day every day with pen and paper)

college-class 4.1.1



(assumption: occasionally striving young pupils)

big-mac-class                         hot_weird_funny_amazing_cool8_students-sleep-in-class-7_2009073023352311602

(computers with tabs to ahem whatever floats your boat)




Parents: “What a lovely campus”

(what they see)

college-600  2011-10-04-15-16-18-6-the-college-is-best-known-for-the-scott-arboretum



(the dorm rooms 2 days after they leave)

dirty-dishes  photo11-1024x768  blue-bed

(except for that one person who has the “energy” to clean)




What parents see when they walk into your dorm for the first time




(after you decorate)

Keeping-college-dorm-rooms-germ-free  college-dorm-room




What they think you’re doing Tuesday night




(what you’re really doing)

DR2  439







Well, that’s what I expect it is. I’m not going to have high or low expectations.

(images taken from Google)




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