Tea Time & Christmas Spirits


My mom always told me that any day you skip drinking tea, you’re asking for bad gas. My dad told me a story about a lady in le hometown who didn’t drink tea, had terrible gas, and held in her farts, which caused her death. He said her grave was displayed for all the public to see.
Of course I didn’t believe it. Until my dad showed me the grave.
As convincing as that story was, I still don’t drink tea everyday. But I do like it and have my favorites. Since it’s christmastime and it’s suppose to be cold (it’s hot in Florida), I’ve started drinking tea more than I ever have this fine year. I got tired of hot chocolate. Not really, but I have siblings who finish it the moment that it’s bought so I don’t really get to drink it anyway.




My family and I decorated the christmas tree on December 1 this year. Now there’s a couple of days till christmas and I can’t wait because we’re having a christmas party (whoop whoop!). I plan to make everyone christmas tea instead of egg nog and hot chocolate.
I got close to seeing The Nutcracker at the Theatre, I’ve never seen it. EVER. Buuuuuut, there were a series of unfortunate events. But no big deal, I saw the movie, plus there’s always next year.

I hope you guys have a wonderful, merry christmas!



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