What I’ve Learned While I haven’t Been Posting

   I haven’t posted in a while, mostly because I’m. busy with a lot of things ( for the first time on my life! Usually I’m complaining about having nothing to do, but now I have so much….and I love it!)
   I’ve been doing so much, that I’ve realized a whole bunch of things that I have never considered or even talked about. Most of them are extremely random:

1. What Miley Cyrus’ Christmas song would be called
2. I really need to stop wearing the wrong clothes for the wrong weather.
3. Everyone around me has somehow been getting into their future careers, whether modeling, acting, or nursing. (I’m always working on mines)
4. I REALLY need to wear the right clothes for the right weather. As I’m typing this on my phone,  I’m wearing boots, long jeans,under-shirt, shirt, and a jacket….and it’s HOT.
5. My bus driver needs to get a new bus. (It’s one of those old buses with no AC, you know the one everyone prays at the beginning of the school year not to get? And to make things worst, everyone sits 3 in a seat, sometimes 4, sometimes in laps.
I hate it.)
6. My hair is wild and untamed.  It seriously has a mind of it’s own. Wherever the wind blows it, it stays there. It wants to spread out in the middle of class, it gladly will.
7. I’ll be getting my drivers license soon………
Next year.
8. I need to get sleep. Unfortunately homework doesn’t help that option.
9. The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather” is pretty good.
10. I need a study group for APUSH. Period.

I’m going to school. On a bus where there is 3 to a seat, and guess who’s by the aisle?
Anywho, I’m working on this new play about Native Americans which I want to enter in the 2014 Florida Thespians. Also, I wrote a bunch of monologues and posted them on iComedyTV, and now I have people asking me to use them! I’m glad that people actually liked it. I never told my friends about it, but they discovered them while they were searching for monologues online.
They didn’t use them though.

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