My Amazing Friends


My friend’s are the best that anyone could ask for. From elementary to right now, they’ve also been the weirdest, loudest and funniest.
They always like to take my phone and take pictures of themselves, thinking that I keep them.
I do.
Only the one’s that are funny and the one’s they wouldn’t want anyone to see. (I don’t know why they took it in the first place).
The time that we performed in Disney, one of my friends decided to take a blowdryer to heat up her burger because:
1. There was no microwave (or we couldn’t find one.)
2. She just got back from the pool and her burger got cold
3. She’s a survivor. (I would of never thought of using a blowdryer,  I would’ve just eaten it cold.)


Anyways,  getting of of weird lane…
I’ve recently just gotten in the habit of taking pics in my drink. (Not only that, but I made a whole post about it here)


So it’s Starbucks.


Getting back to the friends subject. They all like to have fun and have their own creative ideas. If I need choreography,  which I mostly do, theu will always help. Have a question? They’ll answer 70% of the time.


In conclusion,  they’re weird. But I love it.


(More pictures would have been included but I’ll let my friends slide this time)

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