Style Nowadays


I used this pic of Barbara Palvin because I just love it.

When I was little, I used to see girls walking around in their Pastry’s Sneakers, their heeleys (or something like that. I believe it was those sneakers with wheels. I used to have these ugly brown ones, but at the time I thought it was, ahem, ‘cool’), and their knee-lengthed socks.
I’m pretty sure we all wore something when we were young that we completely regret or just wonder why. Now, when I look back at old photos….


But style these days are unbelievably cute. Like this red dress for example.


I’m obsessed. I got it from modaparameninas‘s instagram. She posts really cute outfits but this one caught my eye.
I’m not too wild about sneakers, but these Jordan’s are very nice. Whoever wore these, the ankle bracelet was a nice touch.(jordansdepot)


These booties from stylesouls are mega, super, extraordinarily amazing! (in my opinion) I’d only worry about not trying to fall flat on my face, or walk too weirdly. Which is impossible,  if you don’t really wear heels, like me.


We usually wrap our towels around our waist, but this entire outfit is gorgeous. Everything from the accessories,  to the hair, all the way down to the shoes. But it’s Mercede Hallen‘s skirt that caught my eye.


OK, how long did you stop to stare at it? Don’t lie.

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