So I Had An Audition Today, And Here’s What Went Through My Head


Relax. No one in the audition room is judging you, because they all have the same passion as you: Acting. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be there, right?
      Auditioning for anything is a dream come true, and the first time can be tough. Your the newbie in the business. But that doesn’t mean you have to be an underdog. Showcase yoir talent. Don’t hold back because you didn’t get this far to hold back. What matters is whoever is casting you and yourself. Sure, make a few friends in tje Casting Room, but don’t lose focus.
      Nerves are little devils that like to sneak in. Don’t let it sneak in. To be honest, I wasn’t all that nervous. I actually thought I would be since when I audition for plays at school, I’m always nervous. But this time, I was quite calm. Maybe it’s because I’m around people who’ve done this before and knows better than to judge a newcomer. Those are the people who I look up to. The people who, no matter what, do acting and auditioning as a lifestyle.
  Breathe. Smile. And do what you were born to do, do what makes you happy, take the directions given to you and you’ll have a great audition. Mine’s was awesome. I felt great when I left, I did pretty good for the first time. After that, my Dad bought me Spicy Chicken N’ Crisp Sandwich at BK.


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