Scary Movies & Such


The first scary movie that I ever watched was It. I always wondered, why isn’t it called Clown? I’ve only watched it once, and even though I’m older now, I refuse to watch it. It scared the shiz out of my 9 year old self.


  I LOVE scary movies though. I just like getting scared, it’s like an adrenaline rush. The Scream movies were more funny to me. The Scary Movie version just brought out my thoughts. The Grudge too is a good movie. I like the whole creepy little girl scaring everyone and coming from corners and ceilings and floors and closets.


Let’s say…..Chucky was a, um, mature movie. Not really scary. But….interesting. I’ve seen all of them and Final Destination is still a scarier movie.


Prom Night wasn’t all that scary, but entertaining. And funny. Veeeerrrry funny. What’s funnier than a bunch of high school graduates who are getting killed off by this creepy, random stalker dude? Ok. I’m weird if I think it’s funny, but it’s who I am. 😛


The Scream movies made me think that one day, someone will call me at night and scare me….as a prank though. I hope…actually no, I do NOT want someone calling me and asking me (in creepy voice) “What’s your favorite scary movie?” (I’m not really sure though, all the Final Destination movies probably), even as a prank. No. Just No. NOT HAPPENING.


One thought on “Scary Movies & Such

  1. “It” scared me when it first came out. It still scares me now. Just seeing Pennywise in my head is freaking me out and giving me the shivers. Totally terrifying.

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