Viners Catfish


Soooo, Jessie Smiles and Curtis Lepore met each other in New York. Other Viners were there and it makes me wonder, it’s so cool how the Viners have their little “get togethers” and would travel just to meet eachother.
   But this is a different story. An Vine Catfish story. These two have never met each other until today and have been Vining each other back n forth. I’ve heard stories from Facebook and MySpace, but now Vine hookups? Thank God that they were who they said to be.
     Nev from MTV’s Catfish said he was going to be there, but yet I don’t see him. Maybe he’s running late? Or is hidden in the crowd of fans who came to witness Jessie and Curtis’ first meet-up.
   Anyway, I folliw them both on Vine, and many of the other Viners whi attended, and I can tell you, they never fail to make me laugh!

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