The Mortal Instruments, The Next Twilight? Pff!


I’ve read the Twilight books (Team Jacob!), The Hunger Games books (Team Peeta!), and half the Mortal Instruments books (no teams really). They’re all great books and such. But Hunger Games is definitely not Twilight, and neither will the Mortal Instruments be.
   The two…or three…or four….or many things Twilight and The Hunger Games have in common is that there is one girl, two boys: she must choose one. The boys get jealous and whatnot. Katniss and Bella have left one boy at some point in the movies, but came back, and others that I can’t remember.


  Mortal Instruments is different. I love how the Author made another book about the Shadowhumnters life and family way back when. Oooohh, wait.
   ‘Tis not all that different from Twilight and The Hunger Games.
  I forgot about Clary having to choose either Jace or Simon.
Anywho, forget what I said.
They’re all the same.
(What has these teenage books come to?)

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