2013: Kunckle Rings?


Knuckle rings are all that I see nowadays. They’re really cute and very different from regular rings. It makes me wonder if they’ll start making knuckle engagement rings or wedding rings. You never know, each year they come out with something new. (Like the time I got my Galaxy S3 when it came out, and before you know it, BAM! The S4. I hate when that happens. It’s like you can never catch a break)
  Anywho, these rings are trending not worldwide.


They are quite, ahem, ‘chic,’ and come in a variety of shapes, patterns, styles and whatever. Don’t get me wrong, I WANT ONE. I yearn for one. Your probably thinking, “How hard is it to go in a store and grab a pair or whatnot?” Well, being a teen who only has a learners permit and whose parents are constantly working and who has no life, is simply the answer. (But it’ll change next year, just 9 more months till license! Yeah…..it’s a bit of a wait) But enough of my personal life, anniep1124 on instagram apparently owns loads of them, or she designs them, or she knows someone who owns them or designs them or she finds pictures online of someone who owns them or designs them. As you can see, I’m quite confused. But they are amazing pictures which just adds to my hunger of owning some.


One thought on “2013: Kunckle Rings?

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