Maggie Smith, The Comic Relief Dowager In “Downton Abbey”


At first, I didn’t know what all the hype about Downton Abbey was. It looked like another show about wealthy folks who go around calling other people peasants. Well, part if that is true. The show is in it’s 3rd season and is about the Crawleys and their service people who live in the attic. There is quite some drama going on between both sides and it makes me stuck to the show.
  Maggie Smith plays Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham. I seriously wouldn’t mind living in that family, not because of their wealth, but the constant sass and comments made by the Dowager about Americans, lesser folks, her family, and life. My favorite quote by her in tje show is, “Why does every day involve a fight with the Americans?” after she nearly falls off of a swivel chair, said to be invented by Thomas Jefferson. Another quote is “She’s like a runaway train” after she witnesses Martha gobbling down food. Anywho, just type in YouTube, Dowager Countess and you’ll find videos of her quotes.


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