For Those Of Us Who Call Walking To McDonalds From Our House Exercise, Especially When McDonalds Is Literally Right Next To Our House…..


Yes, yes, I understand. McDonalds is hard to leave once you’ve had once bite of their fries or sandwich or McFlurry or burgers or nuggets or ‘salad.’
‘Tis true, it is like a journey of getting off of eating pizza or chewing gum. IT JUST AIN’T HAPPENING. No matter how hard you try (sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s the truth). People who say “I don’t eat McDonalds” has either never tried it, or a miracle has happened to get them to stop eating it.
But for the people who DO exercise that are reading this, kudos to you. Kudos for actually having the energy to get off your butt and exercise. Kudos for your motivation to be healthy. Kudos. But for other people, it’s like a death grip. Let go, and you die (not really, don’t get paranoid or something)

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