Favorite Victoria’s Secret Models


Doutzen Kroes, Chanel Iman and Miranda Kerr are my favorite Victoria’s Secret Angels. I like Doutzen, the Dutch model, because she isn’t that skinny as most people believe models are. Modeling shouldn’t be about the size of your body, but how well you can walk, connect with the camera, and sell a product. Her name is very unique and interesting, makes me want to ve called jenoutzen or something. Doutzen has a child and yet her body is still in shape. I can’t count how many times I’ve had the chance to workout, but then something “came up” (hehe). Her work is amazing and every shot is stunning. Catch me off guard, and I look like a horse.


Chanel Iman is pretty cool. If you look on her Instagram pics, you’ll see that she travels a lot (as models usually do), takes amazing pictures, and likes to have fun. I look up to her and other African American models and actresses. Although, Chanel is part korean. African American and Korean, what a good mix.


Miranda Kerr, woman who is married to one of my childhood crushes, Orlando Bloom (He’s in the new upcoming The Hobbit movie, thank God). She also has a child, who is super adorable! I like her fashion, street-wise. She knows how to dress and every single time I see a new photo of her out and about, there’s never a doubt about what she’s wearing. Did I mention she’s Australian?

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