How’s it going? I’m a little shaken from last night’s Teen Wolf episode (Jordan Parrish? Lydia? Miranda? Supernatural killers running around? Kate Argent nowhere to be found? Woah.) It was pretty good. Shout out to the watchers who’ve been watching Teen Wolf since season one,  we know everything they’ve been through.


Pretty Little Liars and Bad Girls Club is on tonight!

Wah? Almost 2 Weeks & No Update?


(This picture has nothing to do with this post, it’s just puuuuuurty)
So, I haven’t been updating anything, & it’s all for a good reason. This month is one busy month for me, and trust me, I’ll be posting A LOT over Spring Break. I would have like to go to the Ultra Music Festival this year (last year I told myself that this would be the year, hah! What poop) but I have my future on line. So maybe next year (hopefully). I’m posting this in my bed, with the lights off and my phone screen lighting up my face. Which is bad. Really bad. But I felt like I had to make this post.
Please stay tuned!